Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 11th: another good two session day

Sorry for the late update. Days can be long and tiring, and clearing out sand takes time if you want to do it prior to getting up to Alto Hospicio so you don't waste time in the launch lineup. The second day was pretty good.

Alto Hospicio in the morning was gonna be interesting. It was less cloudy than usual in the morning and that meant the ground was gonna have a lot more energy coming off of it than on the cloudy mornings that are good for beginning thermalers.

Larry had a great launch from what I saw, and I probably had one of my best launches ever.

We flew around for a bit, but the thermals were getting a bit punchy for those of us with less thermal chops and we headed in to Huayquique beach for our landings.

Megan retrieved us and we packed up and retired for lunch and a bit of rest before we went to Palo Buque.

Palo Buque we were told at our briefing before heading out was possibly gonna be light and they offered more thermal/xc hungry pilots the option of staying local and waiting till Alto Hospicio settled down for late afternoon flights.

Everyone decided to go anyway, and lucky we did. Palo Buque was good. We all took turns beating up our gliders by kiting them up the hill in the pictures I've posted on FB..I'll try and get some up on here. Bear with me...the reason there's only pictures of food is because that's the only time we've slowed down enough for me to take them. Most of our time is spent under instruction or practicing the skills we are being taught. Kiting up that hill sucks hard if you are not an expert at kiting "in the window". It's sand at the bottom, but rapidly turns to a mixture of gravel and fist sized sharp rocks as you get higher.

It's hot, and if it's light you need to kite higher...to add insult to injury, once you launch off, if you get any altitude at all, it gets cold...lol

I had a super great learning flight on this day at Palo Buque and I'll post that flight separately at lunch today, as well as our yesterday flights to get the blog caught up.

NOTE: Sorry for the lack of pictures. Not many photogs on trip, and my focus is on flying. I'd post more of both if someone were footing the tab, but this is an expensive (and worthwhile) training trip, and I'm not gonna waste it catering to yammerings of insane non-jobbers demanding reports as if I were getting paid for this...sponsor half my trip next year and I'll be happy to devote 2hrs each day to posting and taking pics.:)


  1. PAID!!! All I see is pictures of dough, bread and gravy. Quit your whining and maybe your beering and you'll have enough energy to get us some more updates.

    I will double your salary ( 2x$0.00 ) hell, for you I will triple it. Your the only pilot that has gotten a seat so far, seat board that is, now you want to be sponsored.

    JJ Jameson

    Seriously glad yor having a good time and thanks for keeping us updated on your trip.

  2. Paid? Huh, wait till I get my hands on your official photographer!
    I'm gonna Reaper-ize him.
    Glad your getting some much training down there Sharkey.
    But you have an UN-official photographer Flash that's sitting on his Arse sucking it all up free.
    Have Flash take some photos and blog em for us jobbers back home.
    I flew two tandems at MPU in strong winds for Bonkers parents yesterday.
    Wait till you see my launch video, and you'll appreciate the kiting lessons in Chile.

  3. Glad you're charging it hard Sharqique! Don't worry about us (but we do appreciate you sharing what you can!) -- keep making the most of your time there, sounds like a blast so far.
    Go for it and have fuuuunnnnn!!!!!

  4. Nice writeup, Sharky! Keep up the good work. And I love the food pictures! I never would have known about pichangas and fritas otherwise!