Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 12th: putting new knowledge into practice

Today was another good day. Each day typically consists of getting up at 6am, taking wing down to the one sliver of grass on the beach in front of the hotel and shaking out a few pounds of sand. This is the ONLY spot that an alien landing could probably take place in Iquique. In Palo Buque there is NO area for alien grass allergic craft to land (there a literally whitewashed bones on some parts of the desert...probably of pilots who died of kiting in the sun).

We got up to Alto Hospicio, and conditions were really good, and there was a good cloud layer to keep things mellow. Had fun with another great launch. Later one of the best compliments of the trip was having Luis tell me my launch was really good and that they were discussing it amongst the instructors and said that Woody's coaching was evident in my technique...that really felt good. Mucho Mahalos to Woody for his constant nudges and input.

Things got a bit brisk on launch but doable. Thermals were a bit punchy and I took a swing at it the best that I could, but just kept falling out of lift and just wasn't feeling it.

Larry hooked some good ones and was high enough and got clearance to land at Playa Brava and got to pack up on grass! Grats to Larry!

I ended up landing at Huayquique after a half hearted attempt at soaring the little ridge at the beach but it was a bit too light to stay up.

Things I learned:
  • make a note of where you are when you get thermalled to see if it might be a consistent spot. If anything you can go back to it if you think it may still be working.
  • look at other pilots and birds and see where they are going up, then visualize where you can get a piece of that action.
  • Sometimes you need to head out instead of hanging at launch to get something that'll get you up.
I'll try post some videos soon, but my time is running short. Today is my last full day (11/14) and tomorrow I only have the morning to fly Alto Hospicio, then get ready for trip to mainland for a short visit there before returning home.

Will try to catch up on the events of the 13th and 14th as soon as possible!

Miss the rest of the monkey clan out here! Learning lots!

=-) Sharky

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  1. Ok, another good update but are the Go-Pros broken or do they only take pictures of FOOD!

    Is Flash still there?

    Glad some of Woody's extreme coaching sunk in, he is still whipping the rest of here that are smart enough to take it.

    The logs are good but I need to visualize it, Doesn't have to be drawn out video of movie quality like Alienex but just a couple quick pics. You now the go-pro does just click pics too.

    I am not cmplaining.....ok yes I am......its just jealousy.

    Glad your having a great trip may be you can get the pics added these sandy tales later...I will just try to wait.

    JJ Jameson